Typical FAQs Asked About our Webinars

What is a Webinar?
A Webinar is a live presentation using a website. Like a live seminar you will be viewing a live "power point" presentation on your computer, and a "live" presenter can be heard through your phone presenting the materials.

What's the difference between a "live session" and a "recorded session"?
During a live session you can submit questions to be answered in real time. A recorded session is a recording of a live session. You can hear the presentation, and see the power point slides, and hear the recorded questions and answers from the date it was presented, however, you can't "submit" questions.

What if I register for a "live" Webinar, and then can't make the time?
Each "live" Webinar is recorded and available for you to review. Contact our Webinar Coordinator.

What if I get into technical problems?
If it's your first time, we will walk you through it. The technology is universal, so most people find it to be hassle free. As long as you have access to a website and a nearby phone line, you should be fine. Contact our Webinar Coordinator.

What if half way through the seminar, my computer knocks out?
Doesn't happen often. Contact our Webinar Coordinator.

Does a Webinar disturb those around me?
In a "Live session" the presenter's voice is coming through your phone line so only you can hear it. In a "Recorded Session" the sound is coming through your computer speakers.

Is the 30 days unlimited access only for "recorded sessions"?

Can I use a Webinar as training at a sales meeting?
Yes. Many of our clients do that.

Is the material used in the Webinar copyrighted?
Yes. Unauthorized use and distribution is prohibited. Any questions contact our Webinar Coordinator.

Do I need special software or a specific configuration?
No. You do need broadband Internet access, but that's about it.