Webinar Course Programs

The following programs are a series of "recorded" Webinars that all relate to one specific goal or topic. To absorb the most information we recommend you follow the sequence as outlined below.

Most Recent Webinars

  1. The First 3 Calls on a Prospect
  2. Getting in the Door with Prospects
  3. Memorable Meetings with Business Owners and Decision Makers
  4. Levels of Relationships
  5. Adding Value is Not a Concept
  6. Getting More out of LinkedIn
  7. Developing Business Acumen: Coaching Branch managers
  8. Building and Sustaining an Effective Branch Sales Organization
  9. Branch Manager as Inside Sales Coach and Outside Business Developer
  10. Building an Effective Referral Network
  11. Value Propositions: It's Not all about Price
  12. The First 2 Calls on a Prospect
  13. The 7 Mistakes Bankers Make in Prospecting
  14. The 5 Mistakes Bankers Make on Sales Calls
  15. Team Selling
  16. Small Business Leadership: Tactics for Coaching Branch Managers
  17. Negotiating Price
  18. Leveraging LinkedIn
  19. Identifying and Developing Needs: Think like a Business Owner
  20. Five Strategies for Staying Top of Mind with Your Prospects
  21. Delving into Financial Operations: Follow the Money

Prospecting Clinic Webinars

  1. Building a Great Prospect List
  2. Preparing for the First Call on a Prospect
  3. Asking Customers for Referrals
  4. First Calls on Prospects
  5. Losing a Deal to the Incumbent
  6. Getting Referrals from CPAs
  7. When a Prospect Stops Returning your Calls

Sales Leadership Webinar Program

  1. Managing Average-Performers
  2. Designing and Articulating an Effective Sales Process
  3. Managing Lead Generation
  4. Coaching Face-to-Face Skills: Pre-call, Post-call Coaching
  5. Getting the Most Out of Sales Meetings
  6. Recruiting and Interviewing for Sales Performance
  7. Leading the Prospecting Effort