10 Truths About Leading Change

It's important that you understand our principles, our viewpoints and our attitudes. This is what we advise our bank management clients:

  1. A bank's sales process must be logical, simple in design and based on data.
  2. We all have a natural tendency to underestimate the time needed to change people's behavior. Habits that have taken 20 years to develop will not go away in a week.
  3. Implementing change in your sales process is hard work and is never easy. There are no quick fixes.
  4. Competing goals and distractions invariably appear. Expect the unexpected.
  5. Research shows that investing in people produces long-term financial success. No research shows that investment in sales teams produces greater short-term profits.
  6. Top executives often think that they can transfer ownership of a change initiative to middle management. They tell middle managers to "handle it." Few middle managers can do it alone.
  7. Sales managers need direction, feedback, recognition and coaching too.
  8. Not everybody is going to find a more structured sales process appealing. There will be defections.
  9. If you want them to change, you have to change as well.
  10. Leading a sales process never ends. You are always going to be working on this.

To get a deeper understanding of our approach we recommend 6 ways to sample our consulting.