9 Mistakes to Avoid When
Implementing Change

Here are some common mistakes banks make when changing their sales culture:

  1. Failing to establish realistic goals for sales people
  2. Inadequate tracking of critical sales activities and results
  3. Designing one-size-fits-all expectations without consideration of market differences
  4. Ignoring legitimate infrastructure issues which sales teams can't deal with on their own
  5. Not forcing people to use the tools and training they have been given
  6. Failing to update the compensation plan to reward new sales behaviors
  7. Limited or inconsistent coaching at all levels (which includes coaching Sales Managers, too!)
  8. Flip-flopping in the ranks of Executive Management
  9. Giving up too soon

Our approach integrates proven sales management methodologies, market management strategies, and effective face-to-face selling techniques. In addition, to ensure that all the "systems" that affect sales performance change, we monitor sales results over an extended period and provide bank management with continuous consultation and guidance. This level of integration ensures a significant improvement in sales results.

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